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Later that day…

So here’s the thing, when you’re not getting enough sleep sometimes it’s hard to keep things in perspective. It’s also especially important to care for yourself in other ways like eating well and finding even a bit of time for things you enjoy and trying not to spread yourself too thin. I’m not always the best at that last thing. 

I had rushed out the door this morning hungry and a bit frazzled and the whole thing (as you know) crashed and burned. Yes, I had had two breakfasts, but it was after 10:00 and I had been up since 4:00 and what I had eaten was a bowl of instant oatmeal and two pieces of toast. No protein, no fruit, just carbs. The reason I woke up at 4:00 before the baby? I was hungry. 

Then the not spreading yourself too thin. It probably wasn’t the most important thing to make it to the moms’ group when my house was a mess (which always stresses me out), I needed to go to the grocery store (but had a haphazard list and meal plan for the next week at best), and the baby and I had both had a rough morning. I realized this on the way and decided to just do the grocery shopping but I would’ve done better to stay at home a little longer. Let the baby nap in her crib, and either rest myself or tidy the kitchen. Either one of those options would’ve helped me feel better when we did head out.

So, lesson learned. (Maybe, hopefully.) After something to eat, a little nap, and some snuggles we’re both happier. And really, truly, and utterly I wouldn’t trade being my little girl’s mama for anything. Not even a full night’s sleep.