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Last night at our house

2:00 am

Baby: I would like some milk please.

Mama: no problem 


Mama puts Baby back in bed. Baby doesn’t sleep, she plays.


Mama: maybe if you have more milky you will sleep.

Baby: no thank you. 

Mama puts Baby back in bed. Baby plays. Mama googles natural shampoos for oily hair and puts some in her Amazon cart.


Baby: I’m tired of being by myself.

Mama: would you like more milk?

Baby: yes please


Baby, asleep, is put back in bed. 

Mama goes back to bed.


Alarm goes off.

Mama: nope


Baby: I’d like some milky please.

Mama: seriously? … ok

Baby has a little milk and goes back to bed. Mama, tired, goes about her morning.


Baby: good morning!

Mama: good morning, I’m so happy to see you!