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Mother culture 

We are planning to homeschool our children and being the person that I am I have already started digging into preparations. I’ve been listening to audiobooks and podcasts and following lovely Instagram accounts all pertaining to homeschooling. I may have even purchased some materials.

One of the things I’ve come across in my research is the term “mother culture.” It has to do with making sure your own cup is full so you have a source from which to give to your family. The two main things that fill my cup are reading and knitting, so I have been trying to make even just a little time each day for these pursuits.

I’ve been giving the babies “free play” time each day. By that I mean that for about half an hour I am not doing anything to entertain them, and while I am sitting with them and paying attention to them, I am keeping my interactions to a minimum. This gives them time to move, explore, and concentrate how they would like and me time for a little knitting.

When my daughter was tiny I could knit while she was in my arms. Around 3 months she grew too heavy for that to be comfortable, and quickly too easily distractable to even attempt it. So I mostly played on my phone while she ate. Recently I discovered that in the evening when she is sleepy and pretty focused on eating I can read while she eats. Amazing! So a bit of time for reading a real book, not just listening to an audiobook while doing something else has been created as well. I just wish I had thought of this sooner!

I would love to know how other mamas find time to feed their own souls.

All the best,


PS, this book is lovely so far! The Blue Jay’s Dance by Louise Erdrich (affiliate link)