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Baking day

So I had some bananas that were too far gone for baby food and a hankering for baked goods. I usually use the most delicious family recipe to make banana bread but with some seriously dreary weather (the edges of Irma) I wanted something a little more fall-like. A quick perusal of the Smitten Kitchen website and I found her Jacked Up Banana Bread. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and I had all the ingredients. Perfect! I did not jack mine up but I did add ⅓ cup each walnuts and chocolate chips.

​I used a handy trick I learned from the Great British Baking Show (my favorite contestant ever, Martha) to fill my muffin cups. Perfect every time! The recipe is supposed to make one loaf and it perfectly filled 12 muffin cups which is less than my usual recipe, but just the right amount for my husband and me.

These really hit the spot!

All the best,


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